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  • What is Steam?

    Steam is a platform to place huge list of high quality games inside it, Steam itself is ease to use and its designed by Valve.
    To use Steam you don't really need a relatively fast broadband connection. Steam itself will continue your download overtime while you are doing your regular activity. So basically, Steam will manage all of your game data, and when its ready then you can play your games within few clicks!

    Within the ever growing collection of Steam games, there exists a huge variety of titles including modern blockbusters like Rocket League and PUBG to classic titles like Half Life 2 and Deus Ex. When you log into the platform you will also find many free Steam games to choose from. The great thing about a Steam game is that you don't have to wait for it to arrive by post or go to a shop to buy it - giving you more time to enjoy gaming!

    Free Steam rewards can be claimed by earning enough Credits to unlock the rewards, then you just need few more clicks to claim your desired rewards. Steam Games or Steam Wallet would normally cost money - but thankfully we can make it Free for a limited time! Claim your Steam reward now!

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